Akira Jimbo's Profile

"He is the most famous Japanese drummer/musician in the world"
He has the marvelous technique and human friendly, and an international activity is continued.

Akira Jimbo (February 27, and 1959-) is a drummer from Tokyo.
Keio University graduation.
Blood type A type.
It acts not only Japan but also all over the world, and it has the
fan in every country in the world.

He secedes though it debuts in the fusion band "Casiopea" where Japan is represented and he acted.
Recently, he was always participating in the activity stop from 1997 to 2006 as not a formal member but a support member.


It is comparatively slow to have begun to play the drum in full scale because it is said 17 years old though he was familiar with various musical instruments since childhood.
He belongs from the Yorocoyorocojuc high school to big band of the jazz of the this university study and "Light music society" after it goes on to school of Keio University and acts as a drummer.
This band in his age of on the register shows the activities such as appearance to "Montreux jazz festival" of Switzerland, and putting out the album of the title "Papaya express" from the king record.
It met Tetsuo Sakurai in "Casiopea" of on the register of the this university study that performed as a substitute of the bassist to whom in such and a certain day were not able to perform live.
He is invited to "Casiopea" where the talent is found by Sakurai,
and the successor was requested by the predecessor's secession and joins.
Jimbo was at all a professional experience till then, and became a professional debut this. And, the record debuts with album 'THUNDER LIVE' of the third piece of Casiopea live recorded in February, 1980 immediately after the joining in April of the same year.

"Noro Issei" who is the leader of "Casiopea", "Mucaiya Minoru", and it conflicts with Jimbo concerning the treatment of vocal unit and "Shambala" formed with Tetsuo Sakurai in 1989.
"Casiopea" of this period secedes with the result and Sakurai.
Two people form "Jimsaku" in 1990 the next day. At first, Latin-American music is established, and the activity acts on the motif by the fusion scene, and establishes constant popularity. The unit will be canceled before long in 1998 though the music that extends to many topics with the base and the drum exceeding the genre of fusion is presented.

When "Casiopea" comes off by the drummer, was at a loss because of the activity plan, and percussed participation in Casiopea to Jimbo by Noro in 1997 of the previous year of the Jimsaku cancellation, Jimbo consents this willingly (It was already reconciled of the matter of Shambala on Casiopea and the Jimsaku side). Even the activity stop in 2006 kept supporting the activity of Casiopea as a support drummer.

Jimbo has joined "Tropics JAZZ band" of the big band that "Carlos Kanno" leads.
And, "Solo performance" is a center of his present activity.

Jimbo helped the development of the Electric drum system of YAMAHA in 80's in "Casiopea" on the register the age.
He acquired the method of performing "Harmony", "Sampling sound", and "Synthesizer" at the same time while playing the drum with the Electric drum system alone in 90's.
It is named one-man orchestra, and bathes in attention in not only Japan but also foreign countries. In addition, after it comes to hold the seminar and the clinic as a demonstrator of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in every country in the world in 90's, and the title of a technical mastering is given in 1999, it is engaged in it further.
Jimbo formed the unit "Synchronized DNA" of a twin drum with "noritake Hiroyuki" of the drummer of "T-SQUARE" and was generated in 2004.

He starts the band "PYRAMID" of "Yuji Toriyama" and "Izumi Hirotaka" who was the companion at the high school and university days in 2005, and the activity said issuing an album is done.

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